Achievement Hunter ACHV Shirt



Graphic t-shirt featuring a simplified version of your favorite characters in tower of pimps form.

Art by Victoria Courtney (Gaelfox). Victoria is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator with a bachelor's degree in animation and a love of corgis, food and D&D. Though a long-time fan of Rooster Teeth since RvB Season 3, her first exposure to Achievement Hunter was Surgeon Simulator back in 2013 and she's been hooked ever since. She's a moderator for the Wednesday afternoon Achievement Hunter live-streams, an active member of the AH art community, avid RTX con-goer, budding cosplayer, a halfling necromancer in Tomb of Annihilation, and a Switch Axe main. When not arting, she enjoys playing them videogames, dabbling in 3D modeling, running with her dogs, working at her local animal shelter, and watching anime. Follow her on twitter and checkout her website here.

Details + Care

  • Unisex fit
  • Premium Rooster Tee: 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold, machine dry low heat

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