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By Berry Levine
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Have you noticed that, when at gatherings and parties, you meet people with different senses of fashion which you feel is somehow connected to their personalities? Some of them may impress you while with others, you feel indifferent. Here are four types of women that actually do exist.

The Classy Woman

The one with class is always thoughtful, particularly about her wardrobe than anything else. If you belong to this type, you’d look for great brands, the top ones actually, and stick to them firmly. Those who believe in a brand may not really feel satisfied with any other. For instance, those who’ve got Scanlan and Theodore coats in their wardrobes are not going to have any other, probably, ever!

Women with class have brands and styles that they go by. They are two elements that define them. They’re also elements that they would never want to compromise on. A wardrobe of a classy woman will always stand out, and is quite unique. The wardrobe is probably one if the most impressive things they own!

The Simple One

This is quite a contrasting type to the previous. In fact, a complete contrast. The simple woman chooses to be one by choice. Most of their wardrobes reflect a minimalist nature. These women may opt for ‘simple’ irrespective of the occasion or its venue. Unlike the first type, they could be described as those who are less indulgent where fashion, style, and making an impression is concerned.

You certainly can make an impression with simplicity and a minimalist approach, a big one, in fact! However, most of them don’t really intend for this, and instead, want to look decent and feel like themselves in their wardrobe choices.

The Carefree One

The carefree one could sometimes be a lot similar to the one described above, but yet so different at times. Like the term suggests, this is the type of woman whose priority is to feel like herself and be it! This is all she cares about, and is something that would clearly reflect from her fashion sense and her wardrobe.

There really isn’t anything else she would focus on except for being true to herself, particularly when it comes to her wardrobe. If it’s comfort that she wants in her clothes, she’d go for it straight away, no matter what the occasion, or what people think!

Go-With-The Flow

The one who belongs to this is likely to have a mixed wardrobe like a magician’s bag. You’d be able to find anything you name in it because she’s likely to have outfits to suit just about any occasion. This one is the type that would think about dressing up to suit the occasion, and is certainly not adamant about being too specific about her wardrobe.

Of course, she’d make sure she looks good in every outfit she’s got in her wardrobe, but that’s just about it. She wouldn’t want to overtly stress on whether a certain outfit is ‘her type’ because there probably is no such thing as far as she’s concerned.

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