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By Berry Levine
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E-commerce is a booming industry and people are turning to online shopping more and more today. It is very convenient to shop from the comfort of your home. Also, it is a way of staying safe from infection as the pandemic has taken over our normal day to day lives. So when you are a business owner, you need to have a way of capturing this growing market of online shoppers. This is where website design comes in as a website is your way of introducing your brand to the customer.

You need to select a reliable company for web design Melbourne to ensure that the goals of the company are represented and that branding reflects the core principles of the company. There are certain factors that contribute to a user friendly website. And at the forefront of this is the ease of navigation of the website. The design should be something simple that immediately allows the user to find out what they are looking for. The general framework that you can adhere to is the search bar, cart, account information, categories for shopping, etc. A visitor to the site should be given clear information on what to do and how to find information. And most of the time, we tend to browse websites on our smartphones. Most online shopping is done like this. People are very used to shopping online when they are commuting to work or relaxing with a meal. Therefore, mobile optimisation is very important. There are a large number of purchases made through smartphones and other mobile devices so you need to make sure that the e-commerce design works well on a smaller screen.

Payment is a very important part of an e-commerce website. You need to allow for different methods of payment so that the user can choose a method that they prefer. There are mobile wallets that are available and you can give the option of paying through them. There are certain websites that require the user to create an account which is an additional step that takes a lot of time and it can discourage the user as well. You need to have an option where they can complete the transaction without making an account if it is not something that they are interested in. Guest checkouts are a lot faster in this aspect.

The checking out procedure should be efficient as well. If there are issues with the checkout procedure, then the user may abandon the cart and look for a product elsewhere. Most of the time, we tend to add items to the cart and wait a few days until the actual transition is done. The user may be looking at similar products on other websites or they may be busy with other work. But when they come back to your website, the cart should have the items that they had added so that they don’t need to look for the item again. You can also send notification emails to remind the user about the items they have in the cart. You also need to have excellent customer support to make sure that all queries are forwarded to the company and answered within a short period of time.