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By Berry Levine
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A kitchen is incomplete without a stove present in the space. Amongst many of the appliances, the stove is the hardest working one, especially if you are one who loves to cook. While our ancestors dating centuries back cooked in firewood, we now have a variety of convenient options available to us.

Did you know that gas and electric cook tops were introduced in the 19th century? With varies models, designs and concepts, there are different kinds of stoves available for us to choose from, all of which serves its purpose in unique and functional manners. Here are some of the different types of stove available for you today to choose from.

Gas Stoves

As the name alone suggests, for a gas stove you require a constant gas line in order to fuel it up. The benefits of gas stove top include the presence of an open flame that can adjusted as per the required heat level, can be used on food directly, etc. While you can seek professional help in setting up a gas stove with the gas line, you can also do it on your own as it isn’t much of a complicated process. In case of repairs, you can find efficient gas stove repairs in Sydney.

Electric Stoves

Once again, as the name suggest, an electric stove top requires electricity to work with. The food is often cooked using heated metal coils. In terms of flexibility, electric stoves are considered to be the best option. Not only are they easy to find, but they’re also a cheaper option, which means if you’re looking for a good stove within a healthy budget, then an electric stove is probably the way to go. Electric cookers are dry, consistent and provide a stable top for your pans and dishes.

Slide-in Stoves

Slide-in stoves are known to be a premium option that often has a luxury finishing look to it. When it comes to slide-in stove, the controls for the cooker are built on the front. It gives your kitchen interior the finishing decorative touch that is needed, with it sleek and smooth edges. Although they are much more expensive than a normal stove top, they can be worth the investment if you’re looking for something that applies a perfect fit to your kitchen while also giving you a high-quality performance.

Portable Stoves

Portable stoves are a smaller single cooker stove top that is easy to move around and take with you especially if you’re going out to places like camping. If not for outing purposes, they are also an extra element for your kitchen. Certain some portable stove models are known to come with two cookers on top, making it extra convenient to get your cooking done with. While not used as a main cooker, it is often a handy option to have in your kitchen.

While we have mentioned just a few of the most common types of stoves up there, you can find much more such as freestanding stoves, dual-fuel stoves, etc.

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