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By Berry Levine
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It is very important to understand the condition of your roof. Sometimes, small problems can go unnoticed and you will only start recognizing problems when they become too big. In this situation, you will have to pay a high price to make sure that the roof is repaired properly. There are roof plumbers who carry out a wide variety of services and have a good reputation. You can ask a local company to come and take look at your roof now and then to make sure it is in good condition.

No matter how many repairs you carry out, there comes a time when you will need to do a roof replacement Melbourne. There are many factors that can contribute to a roof replacement. One of the main contributors is the age of the roof. Different roofs will age differently and sometimes repairing it will be too costly or it will not solve the problem permanently. If your roof was installed many years ago and the roof shingles have asbestos fibers, it is best to get it replaced as there is a higher chance of it contributing to lung cancer. This is because the fibers can be inhaled if the roof is exposed from the inside without a ceiling. There should be sufficient ventilation for the roof shingles and when this is not done properly, the build-up of heat can cause them to wear down before their time. There is a coating for shingles that help prevent algae from growing on it and provide sufficient protection from UV radiation. This coating can wear down after a couple of decades. Also, if you see several shingles missing, it can increase the risk of leaks.

You have to look at the condition of the roof shingles. They can last for about twenty years granted that the environmental conditions have been favorable and that the installation has been carried out properly. In areas with harsh climatic conditions, there will be more damage done to the shingles. If you are noticing that the edges of the shingles are curling up and you can see the layers underneath, there can be a lot of damage done to the shingles. And the only option will be a complete replacement. You should also check whether the roof exhausts are damaged. There is a lot of wear and tear that occurs over the years and you can’t be sure that all the shingles on the roof will fare the same way. You need to have routine roof maintenance to keep up its condition and prolong the life of the roof. Over time, there are cracks that can develop in the roof and this will affect its efficiency as well.

Any damage to your roof can significantly affect the energy efficiency in your home. This is because the heat on your home can escape through the leaks in the roof or the cool air outside can come in causing a strain on the heating equipment in your home. Without maintenance, wear and tear will increase over time and the roof will have severe damage. There is a higher chance of it developing leaks and when small issues are not fixed, there will come a point of no return when the roof cannot be saved. Check the ceiling for any water stains as this will indicate cracks or holes in the shingles. Mould is a serious health risk so you need to take action immediately.

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