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By Berry Levine
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Hanging picture frames is not a simple job. You have to consider the surface you are taping them to and what material or type of tape is appropriate for the job. Many people tend to prefer tape instead of screws especially if they are renting so that they don’t do any permanent damage to the property.

When choosing tape for frames you need to consider how easy it is to handle it. You can find self-adhesive and gummed tape. Gummed tape is made of paper and this is generally used for conservation work. You can also release gummed tape later on which is something you can’t do with self-adhesive tape. Adhesive transfer tapes are a common option that is used for mounting artwork into a backing board. It comes with a liner that has to be peeled away so that you can have the other side of the tape exposed.

This tape has an adhesive on both sides. These are generally known as double-sided tape. You can also use these for other applications such as keeping spacers in place. If you are looking for adhesive tape that doesn’t have any harmful acids, you can consider acid-free ATG tape. Acid can damage artwork as it tends to degrade with direct sunlight and high levels of humidity. When exposed to these conditions, you will see a blurred brown effect.

There are mounting or hinging tapes that are specifically used for mounting artwork or photos onto a backing board. The tape is actually made of paper instead of tissue or linen. If you are looking for a tape that can be used for a large poster, you can consider linen hanging tape as it comes with high tensile strength.

Because of this property, the tape will not accidentally tear due to the large weight of the artwork. If you have any fragile artwork, you can use self-adhesive hinging tissue tape. If the artwork is on a material that is translucent, this tape will not be seen through the artwork disrupting the effect of the art. You need to select acid free tissue tape so that it doesn’t damage the artwork.

If you are using an adhesive transfer gun, you will find it easier to use ATG tape. Here, the adhesive is on the outside of the tape roll. This can be difficult to handle for manual use. But in an adhesive transfer gun, the tape is wound around the roller that is located at the nose and here the adhesive will be facing outside. And when you release the roller, the nose can then be pressed against whichever surface you want to glue the tape to.

And you don’t need to peel away the liner manually as the roller will do this automatically. If you are looking for a tape that you can use manually without any equipment, you can select handheld adhesive transfer tape. The adhesive part is found in the interior of the roll. This costs less than purchasing an adhesive transfer gun and the adhesive tape to go with it. However, the latter options tend to require less effort and allow you a quick application.