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By Berry Levine
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Before you embark on any new journey there are always things you need to ask yourself or from others that have been in it for a while. These are questions that help you decide what’s best for you and where you should start.

Starting somewhere you’re not supposed might even end make you lose interest.

Vaping is such a thing and you need to start right. So below are 3 factors that you should consider before purchasing your first vape kit.

Type of Vape: Box Mod vs Pen vs Pod

This is the main question. It answers the question of what shape you would like your vape to be. Vape Kits comes in various sizes and shapes but no matter whether it’s small vape mods or a big mod they all have the same functionality with minor differences.

Box Mods: This type of kit is the biggest and has the most features. This type of kit can be modified to your heart’s content. The tank area of the device is shaped like a cuboid. This is where it gets its name from. The cuboid also has a tiny screen that displays important information

Pen Vapes: A pen vape literally looks like a pen. They are long can be refiled using vape liquid. Customization is limited but not impossible. You can modify a Pen Vape but not as much as a Box Mod.

Pod Vapes: This is hands down the simplest type of vape kit in the market. They have no buttons, can easily be recharged and cannot be modified at all. You can either opt to get pods that already have liquid in them and change it once done or you can get empty pods and fill them with our own liquid.

Type of Draw: MTL vs DTL

There are two main types of draws when it comes to a vape kit, Mouth to Lung & Direct to Lung.

MTL (Mouth to Lung): AS the name suggests this is similar to how you would normally smoke a cigarette. You first get the smoke into your mouth and then inhale it down to your lungs. This is ideal for smokers who are trying to quit

DTL (Direct to Lung): These types of kits are much high powered when compared to MTL kits. The vapor is inhaled straight into the lungs. If you want clouds this is the type of kit to go for.

Type of Power: Fixed Power vs Adjustable Power

Fixed Power: A fixed power vape kit as you would have already guessed doesn’t allow for manual adjustment of power. The battery is in charge of the voltage and this will reduce as the battery level goes down. This type of kit has minimal controls on the device

Adjustable Power: Adjustable Power kits are mostly found in Box Mods because they require multiple buttons to control the amount of power directed to the heating element.

These are 3 main questions that will help you decide on your first vape kit. Once you have answered them, take a trip to the closes vape shop or an online store and talk to someone who works there and they will recommend the best for you.

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