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By Berry Levine
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Christmas is just around the corner. Even though many shops aren’t operating the same way as they were before the pandemic, they could still feel the Christmas rush from shoppers all over the town. Since this is a season of giving, many people shop for gifts to give their loved ones these coming holidays. While some people opt shopping in physical stores, many shoppers choose eCommerce sites now because it is safer and away from the crowd.

Whether you’re shopping online or in shops, ethical shopping is slowly becoming a popular movement among consumers these past years. Ethical shopping basically means that you are supporting and buying products that are done with fair trade, cruelty-free, and made from organic materials. But how do you really become an ethical shopper? Here are some of the tips to do so.

Go Organic

The first step to ethical shopping is to go for organic products. Look for products that are made from all-natural materials such as this mens bamboo underwear to be sure that it is nature-friendly. When shopping for gifts, look beyond malls and boutiques. Instead, check out local markets to find products that are organically made by locals. Aside from helping the environment, you are also supporting these local sellers to promote their organic trade.

Choose Ethical Brands

If your goal is to become an all-time ethical shopper, it is best to do your research and find ethical brands out there where you could shop. Whether you’re looking for outfits, jewelries, and all other products, you can be sure that they are 100% pure and organic when you buy them from ethical brands. You can know whether a brand is ethical by checking their website, tags, shop labels, and other forms of proof.

Buy Direct and Shop Local

When you buy directly from local shops, you’ll get to know where the materials used came from whether it is from organic products or not. Local business owners know where everything they have used came from. Most likely these small to medium scale businesses re-invest into their community, helping to make their place better especially their economy. You are also helping them create a demand when you buy products directly from the maker or the seller.

Shop Fair Trade Goods

Fair Trade goods are produced by companies that treat their employees well, pay their workers fairly, and produce sustainable products. When you just buy from shops or the marketplace, you won’t know whether the company treats their workers humanely or if they are using child labour to increase production. Fairtrade goods are easy to find especially when you shop directly. You can help these small to medium business owners to earn their living.

Buy Pre-Loved

Although not all things have pre-loved versions for sale, you can definitely save a lot when you buy second-hand items. It lessens the waste produced because instead of disposing of the items that you don’t need; other people can make use of them instead.

Becoming an ethical shopper requires much careful consideration especially in making wise choices.

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